closed curve

(Weston Porter; Computational Designer, Digital Fabricator, Materials Specialist)

I specialize in developing and parameterizing digital concepts, translating complex designs into parts and plans, and bringing together the means, materials and machines for physical production.

Based in NYC, I often work with teams on large projects, sometimes in small collaborations with others artists and designers, and occasionally just for myself on flights of fancy.

Algorithm-Aided Design, Computational / Generative / Parametric Design, Artificial Intelligence, CAD / CAM, Rapid-Prototyping, Robotics and Digital Fabrication are most of my favorite buzzwords.

These are tools of the trade for architects, industrial designers, and engineers, but I humbly arrived on the scene through a background in physically constructing public art, exhibits, sets, and other creative environments. Regularly making unusual shapes and structures necessitated innovating with traditional fabrication, exploring uncommon materials, learning new software, programming languages, and embracing robotics.

Later in my career, I studied Sculpture and Design at the University of Houston to better understand form and function and obtained a Master of Architecture in Parametric Design from Barcelona Tech, which focused on programming, form-finding, structural analysis, and advanced digital fabrication.

Though a laptop with Rhino, a pair of (Starrett) calipers, and a CNC router are my preferred tools, a well-honed chisel and well-worn hammer will always be close to hand and heart. My cornerstone is fabrication, and I’m not above getting my hands dirty. The combined mastery and synergy of computational design and digital + traditional fabrication provide me with a unique perspective to push the limits of what can be conceptualized and what can actually be created.

My clients and employers have included the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Flying Carpet Creative, Drunk Elephant Skincare, Siesmique Art Museum, Volvox Labs, Anicka Yi Studio, many artists, architects, photographers, and designers. Beyond that, I was a profesor of design tools and digital fabrication at the University of Houston and continue to tutor students and professionals.